The hand-towel holder was always destined to be a perch for birb


son i have some bad news for u about ur future

I’m worried about all of your muscles! So surprise bento check!

( ≧Д≦) Nagisa/Ep 4

i never want Free! eternal summer to end

(that’s why it’s called ‘eternal’ right??) 


Me and eatpienotwar!!!

What an adorable Azumarill! Thank you so much for stopping by my table and posting this picture. 

(I look like I’m trying to hide my badge haha) 

To anyone trying to chat with me - I currently don’t have personal internet, so I might reply slowly. Don’t worry if your message doesn’t get a reply for a couple days! I want to talk to all of you~ c: 

(i have to go to the nearest cafe to get wifi so I don’t go everyday. That’s a lot of coffees to buy!) 



Sea Dragon legs are LIVE! Pre-orders close on Monday, July 21st. This is the only want to get them, as they will not be sold online or in cons after!

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Nighttime reblog!