excuse me

 why is there only one marinka playlist


i want mac n cheese rly bad


It took me forever..but here it isFree! Motivationals posters gifs~

Yes, that was Dory’s quote ( uwu)~

(Realmente los había hecho pensando en mi~  … ¡pero seguro que hay otra persona que también los necesita!)



Aoba’s a problem solver


You don’t think that I can hear when you try to hide all the fears you feel inside…

I think we all got broken in that one scene and I have no excuse doing this but I honestly just wanted someone to hug Haru—since I obviously cannot OTL— and who else would be best to do that?


imla ughging so ha r ddd fcuckfk


ugh aoba seragaki never went to college and now he has five boyfriends three of which give him a free place to live and support him financially i think the lesson here is to drop out of college dye my hair blue get a talking fluffy purse dog and work at a junk shop until i’m 23 and wait for the sugar daddies to come pouring in