He’s smiling… probably. 

i wanna send cute and dumb snapchats to people but my phone is terrible and i caaaant 


does anyone know a virus free, english version of paint tool sai i can download?

(for free)

(that works on windows 8)


The idea that you sort of combine all of the talented artists you see around you into one Supreme Unattainable Mega Artist With Every Talent is very true.

I often worry that since Im not ALL things in art, I am Nothing. I (and others Im sure) have always had this idea that unless I could be good at everything I wouldnt be worth anything. Its easy to look at all the fantastic art and artists around you and say “Im not as good as this person at coloring, Im not as good as this person at figures, Im not as good as this person at composition” and then somehow combine that all into some frankenstein’s monster of artists, when in reality NO artist is the most talented at everything, no artist  is perfect all times at all things, its not possible.

I cant forget that I see an amalgam of artists every day, each artist is producing art at their own speed, not every artist produces something new every day, it just seems like that because I see new art every day. Not every artist I see is supremely talented in every aspect, but I see artists brilliant at color, some artists are masters of composition or draw such expressive art that seems so effortless to them, but these are all separate people with their own talents, and actively realizing that is always very comforting.

dmmd au where everything’s the same except instead of aoba, it’s oscar wilde


my friend is trying to do her homework and I’m forcing her to play dmmd with me we ride together we fail together


i want a show called Man Vs. Wilde where someone is put in the jungle with oscar wilde and has to survive not only the elements but also wilde’s random attacks and massive ego


there are many things that have changed about nanase haruka as he’s grown both physically and emotionally over the years, but his ability to look 400% done with a situation is exactly the same no matter what and im so glad



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"We took the long way ‘round and ended up hurting one another
But I believed our hearts were united all along…”