don’t trust anybody who compliments your smile. they just get off on seeing the little bits of skeleton poking out through your gums.  anybody who tells you you’ve got a nice smile is a certified skeleton fucker.



Endless list of OTPs || DRAMAtical Murder - Clear x Aoba

Aoba-san, I wanted to see you. I’m glad I was able 
to see you again. Truly.
I wanted to see you, Aoba-san…
I love you, Aoba-san.
liamsfactaday asked: TBH you're pretty darn great and I wish we talked more.

Can i hold a mirror up to this ask and reflect it right back at you? Because that’s just how I feel! Man, we need to talk more. 


"Mr. Wright.  I’m certain I’ll be of use!"

Here’s our first look at Ryuunosuke’s assistant, Mikotoba Susato! As we mentioned in the last post, she’s a judicial assistant; according to Takumi, she also loves foreign mystery novels and is a forward-thinking dreamer.


Feminine Minorities

My last concept piece of the school year. It about 4 methodologies of art. I choose feminism. 

harry potter; color analysis