All the boys /o/

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the baes


I decided I should make a photoset of the Free! Lockscreens I’ve made so far! These are all free to use, and I’m glad you like them so far! Thanks for the support!! I’ll be making the Samezukas next

by themselves: Haru | Makoto | Nagisa | Rei


some studies for a story about twenty something year olds who used to/still swim, but are mostly disappointed with life.

today’s been an up and down kind of day

there were tears and laughs and my cat was a cute nugget the whole time. I watched Labirynth last night for the first time!! And finished reading Ouran this afternoon. 

i couldn’t find the nice selfies I took earlier, so here’s a subtle one from the corner of starbucks

Sorry for a boring update ~(-A-~)



I colored it :^o


My Free! Chibi Figures by Taito came in! I love Makoto and Haruka on their delphinidae and they match so well, but I had no idea how cute they were until I had them in person ;____; oh god

Now that I know how cute they are I can’t wait for the next set with Rin, Nitori and another Makoto and Haruka! Here are some prototype images of all of the sets.

I think Haruka from this set is my number one favourite though. “FORWARD, DOLPHIN!!!”


dat ren tho